manta mosaic crochet penelope patron gratis

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Ethinc Bag

mochila wayuu etnica patron gratis crochet tapestry

Video Tutorial

SIZES: BASE 30cm diam x Side 35cm


Make the base of the bag following the chart. See the video for more information of the technique to change the colour

esquema mochila wayuu tapestry crochet base gratis


Once the base is finished, make the side following the chart. In the first row of the side, take only the back loops of the stitches.

Make the holes for the cord on the last row of the chart of the side as we explain in the video.

Finish the side with 3 rows of double crochet 1 in white and 2 in black.


esquema mochila wayuu tapestry crochet lateral gratis

Make a cord of 90cm with 2 tassels at the end, one on each side

Make the suspender as we explain on the video (90cm)