manta mosaic crochet penelope patron gratis

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Tutorial patrón shorts crochet ganchillo gratis con video

Video Tutorial


To addapt the size:
- Chain to have the width needed. Crochet the elastic stitch like we explain in the video
- Crochet the V stitch to on the buttocks 
- Crochet some round with increases, making them in a symmetric shape in the back part
- Crochet as many round as you need to separate the legs
- Separate the legs by the middle and crochet rounds without increases to the length needed
Small size using 4mm yarn and 3,5mm needle
Round 1: Chain 16
Rounds 2-120: Elastic stitch --> Back loops only, 1 single crochet around
Join the rounds 1 and 120 making a belt
Rounds 1-6: Crochet the V stitch
Rounds 7-9: Crochet 2 increases in the back part symmetrically the rest ot the round crochet the V stitch
Round 10: Crochet the V stitch
Separate the legs
Rounds 11-12: Crochet the V stitch
Fasten off