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Easy Blanket

Tutorial manta facil tricot dos agujas con video

Video Tutorial

The secuence of colors in all the blanket is 4 rows in blue, 2 rows in white

Cast on 3 stitches

Rows of increases to have 70cm oh the base of the blanket
Row of increase: knit 1, yarn over, knit th the end (knit the yarn over of the previous row taking the back loop)

Rows of increases and decreases. Star in a row of the right side. Finish to have 90cm from the base tho the top
Rows of increases and decreases: Row 1 --> knit 1, knit 2 together taking the back loops, knit to 1 stitch before the end, yarn over, knit the last stitch. Row 2 (wrong side) --> Knit all the stitches (knit the yarn over taking the back loops

Rows of decreases to finish the blanket
Rows of decreases: knit 1, knit two together taking the back loops, knit to the end

With a crochet hook, mahe an edge of single crochet around the blanket. The second row of the blanket in white, making the crab stitch around